Last updated 8/15/2019.

This is a list of sites where one can find movie ratings and reviews. Most of these have searchable databases, but some are limited to specific movies.
  • (2019). “Best Rated Movies

    This list has been created by averaging the ratings from the sources below and creating a top 100 list of the best rated movies of all time.

  • Business Insider

    List of top 50 movies with critics’ scores from and user scores from an unidentified source.

  • Common Sense Media

    Reviews focused on whether or not films are appropriate for different ages.

  • Roger Ebert

    A searchable database of reviews written by famous film critic Roger Ebert. Some are from his series of Great Movies books and others are from his original newspaper reviews. Also includes reviews written by others after Ebert’s death in 2013.


    This site includes best-of lists, awards, and ratings in a searchable database. There’s no indication who determined the ratings.

  • Internet Movie Database

    One of the best resources out there for details about movies. Presents detailed cast listings, box office reports, movie reviews, and user ratings.

  • LetterBoxd

    Searchable database with reviews and viewer ratings.

  • Leonard Maltin

    This is a list of the films which reviewer Leonard Maltin gave 4 out of 4 stars, as of 2015.

  • Metacritic

    Gathers reviews and ratings from multiple sources on different forms of media and then presents “metascores” which are aggregates of those scores from other sources.

  • Rotten Tomatoes

    Same idea as Metacritic with the focus more on movies.

  • Total Film

    Actually links to, where there is a searchable database for movies. Not as easy to use as other sites.

  • Ultimate Movie Ratings

    Looks like a fan-created site. Has links to pages for actors, but searches don’t seem to bring up movies. A few lists were found on this and aggregated into a best-of lists here on this site. The original links include critic audience ratings and Ultimate Movie Rating scores.

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